We believe that the best technology should be available not only to the affluent strata that have the opportunity, but also used to develop highly efficient solutions and products for the seldom-addressed 'bottom of the pyramid'.

Energy efficiency needs to be addressed with a completely different approach. Centralized Power generation units have an inherent disadvantage due to distribution losses, which amounts to a great deal by the time it reaches the user's doorstep. To ensure that our end user is delivered the best value, it is important that every consumer can produce his own energy more efficiently, save cost and consume energy anytime, anywhere required.

One of the key advantages of the ECCODIVA’s electronics is the fact that it is much more energy- efficient than most other lamps in the world. The Patent applied for Micro-Controller based electronics which allows users to charge the light from an option of Mains Grid based Power supply, Solar Panels and other Human Powered charging sources.

Another unique feature of the electronics is that it allows the lamp to be charged from anywhere between 90V to 280V, since in India and many other developing countries Main Grid based Power supply is un-reliable.

The Light uses a high power 1 Watt LED light to provide far greater brightness than any other light in its category and that is managed by a Micro Controller based Software that controls the Driving and Charging Efficiencies of the ECCODIVA. This results in a 10 Hour battery back-up in the highest Brightness mode, and a 250 hour Battery back-up in the Night-Lamp Mode. These requirements from the electronics are mapped according to the study of uses of these modes based on research.

Another unique feature of the ECCODIVA is that the Micro-Controller based Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm based charger controller that allows Solar Charging from Dawn to Dusk, unlike a lot of solar products that need the sun-altitude to be higher for efficient charging. Since in India and Africa there is a lot of sunlight available through the year, it becomes a viable option for charging using a lower capacity solar panel.

The electronics of the ECCODIVA are designed to facilitate Community Charging or Family Charging. This feature ensures that charging can become a viable source of income/livelihood for people who wish to become a part of the ECCO.SYSTEM.

The ECCODIVA also has the ability to be re-programmed using a 3 pin access, to be able to upgrade software to enhance energy-effciency and also to add new features into the light, which may emerge, based on market feedback - like number of brightness levels, brightness, colour of light, etc.

The Idea behind using Micro-Controller based electronics was to enhance energy efficiency and also to provide competitive business advantages by having Software drive the requirements for various market types.

The idea was to provide energy efficient lighting to a large market that could range from Urban Lifestyles to Rural Needs without changing the Plastic Design of the product.