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Chief Minister, Mr. Raman Singh spearheades a compaign whose sole goal was to light up the lives of the rural people of Chhattisgarh with solar lamps. Read More>>


Lighting Up Lives

Solar power systems used for illuminating Homes, Streets and Communities or Leading water for residential. Read More>>


Switch On The Sun

There are many solar-powered lamps in the market but few can offer you 10 days of light on a single five-hour charge. Read More>>


Make Lithium ion Battery usage mandatory for solar lamp makers

Home-grown electronic products company ECCO has developed. Read More>>


The Multipurpose LED Light

A product designed to provide the most optimal amount of light to suit all functions. Read More>>


मोबाइल के तर्ज?पर प्रीपे?रोशनी

बिजली का संकट झे?रह?उपभोक्ताओं को जल्द ही प्रीपे?रोशनी मिलेगी | अब अपनी सुविधा के अनुसार लो?1 - 2 घंटे के लि?भी रोशनी खरी?सकेंगे | आग?पढ़े?>


ECCO Electronics plans to enter African, Asian markets

City-based energy efficient power solutions provider ECCO Electronics plans. Read More>>


ECCODiva is an Energy Efficient Ultimate Multi Purpose Solar Light

Delhi-based ECCO Electronics Pvt. Ltd. has developed a 5-in-1 multipurpose solar lantern –ECOODiva. Read More>>


Do it with design

National Institute of Design's annual Design Summit exhibited winner products. Take for instance, ECCODiva. Read More>>


Celebrate 'Earth Day' by lighting homes

AS we get ready to switch off our lights for one hour on March 26 to celebrate EARTH DAY, we need to sit up and think. Read More>>