Ecco Diva 118

The ECCODiva has been designed and manufactured in India as an endeavour towards a sustainable future for our world. This 5-in-1 multipurpose LED light is designed to address 5 of the most fundamental uses of light in peoples lives.

The ECCODiva has been designed with a patent pending microcontroller technology, giving you the brightest levels of light in the most energy efficient way, from a single charge !

The ECCODiva 118 provides an optimal balance between light levels and back up.

5 in 1 Multi-Utility
  • Flexi Charging

    With Flexi Charging, your Diva can be charged with electricity, irrespective of varying voltages, as well as the included Solar Panel.

    The ECCODIVA will charge with any Power Adapter from 7V to 24V, thats lying around in your House. The Charger provided will charge from anywhere between 90V to 270V in less than 5 hours.

    This feature is designed around the unreliable electricity conditions that prevail in most developing countries due to the Deficit of Power & also poor Infrastructure and its reach.

  • Solar Charging

    Make a green choice and charge your Diva with the high efficiency solar panel, from dawn to dusk for no additional cost.

    This ability makes it apt for conditions in developing countries, which have unreliable electricity but have favourable sunlight conditions for 250-300 days per year

  • 4 Levels of Brighness

    Choose any of the 4 brightness levels depending on your need and increase your battery life on a single charge.

    The ECCODIVA has been designed to deliver 4 different brightness levels based on Usage patterns that emerge from extensive User Research.

    These 4 different levels are designed keeping optics & lux levels for optimal lighting conditions to suit reading, way-finding, ambient lighting and wall lighting.

    These also provide efficient power saving and longer and better quality of light.

  • Home Lighting

    The Solar panel collects energy during the daytime to charge the ECCODiva battery making it a versatile and environment friendly way to light up your evenings.

    Upto 5 ECCODIVA (118 OR 218) can be charged with one common solar panel for home lighting

  • Wide DC Input range 9V-24V (Unregulated) for Charger Input.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking for Optimal usage of Solar Panels
       (both 9V and 18V panels can be used directly).
  • Upto 20 W Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel Module
       (can simultaneously charge upto 5 lamps).
  • Lithium Ion battery 2x3.7 V/ 2200 mAh; 500 Cycles.
  • Battery management with Overcharge protection and Low battery cut off.
  • >85% Charging Efficiency.
  • Cool White 1W (ECCODIVA 118) or 2x3W (ECCODIVA 218) High Power LED.
  • Constant current LED drive for entire operational range of battery.
  • >88% Driver Efficiency.
  • PWM based LED dimming (4 brightness levels).
  • Adaptive Charging Output 5V/ 1500 mA max.
  • Material: Virgin ABS with diffused Polycarbonate Lens.
  • Temperature: Working -10°C to 50°C; Storage -20°C to 60°C.
  • Weight: 500 gm; Size (mm): 100x100x180.
1 Year Warranty Energy Efficient Solar Ready Made In India