The ECCODIVA is inspired from its Indian traditions. The Indian culture has a very strong value system which influences our daily life and actions.

Some of these values are -


Everything Nature, people, animals, plants, materials, beliefs & cultures. This acts as a guiding principle while taking decisions about everything from creating products, to the materials & processes we use and the reasons why we are making the product. The uses of the product and the behaviours that result from it.


There is saying in India, that we should only stretch our legs the amount our blanket provides us and not beyond. This is an attitude that helps us question the approach one must have towards consumption with a thought given to its impact on society, environment and our future as a race. This value translates to not throwing away things after their use is over but re-using it or finding and alternative use for-it or designing them in a way which allows us to use things for many purposes and reasons.


A culture of tolerance and mutual understanding of things that matter to each and every individual so that our society can live in harmony and flourish.

Mutual Benefit

Actions that transform to a greater wellbeing for everyone and not only for self growth. Only making things that are truly necessary and which will benefit everyone either directly or in-directly.