Lighting Up Lives


LREDA worked with the 40 councillors of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Council - LAHDC, Leh to help them promote the ECCO Diva in their blocks. People prefer to pay for ECCODiva in place of subsidized/ free Solar Lanterns distributed by Govt.

LREDA had been distributing Solar Lanterns under MNRE schemes for over 5 years.

ECCODiva lamps were procured and extensively tested & evaluated by LREDA Engineering team.

Once satisfied, the lamps were demonstrated through Councillors in their blocks to assess the User response.

On getting an overwhelming response, advance was collected from the Villagers

First, one truck (3,136 units) of ECCODiva were procured and distributed to Villagers through the Village Sarpanch 'at cost' and funds collected. All units sold off in 3 days.

ECCODiva provides lighting to over 12,000 families in Leh during the peak winters when there is no power due to rivers freezing.


EcoSOLUTIONS is an NGO focussed on providing solutions which will make a significant difference in the lives of the very poor.

85 donated at Khuhikheda tribal village in Melghat tiger reserve on behalf of Indiabulls Power Ltd.

16 donated at Jim Corbett National Park, UP, by Dr. Sarita Subramaniam.

40 donated at Garbut, near Matheran, Maharashtra. on behalf of Vantage Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

74 donated in Adivasi hamlets at backwaters of Morbe dam, Dist. Raigarh, Maharashtra on behalf of Inscripts.

75 donated at Tungi, Dist. Raigarh, Maharashtra, on behalf of Mr. Ashish Kacholia.

New initiative started by EcoSolutions to use the ECCODiva 218 lights as 'Street lights' in forest areas of Maharashtra.


NGO PRADAN supports Self Help Groups in Kesla, Hoshangabad (MP) in Poultry farming where ECCODiva helps increase productivity. ECCODiva helped the poultry farms in Kesla increase revenues by producing healthier Chicken by lighting up poultry farms at night.

In Kesla, Women & their families rear broilers with the intent to grow them very quickly to be sold in the market as a full grown chicken. The heavier the chicken, the more profits.

Broilers did not feed well in the afternoon due the extreme hot weather. During night, gas lanterns were used (so that the feed can be seen), which did not generate enough light, are expensive and created heat (also fire hazard).

This resulted in high mortality rate & chicks were not growing fast.

ECCO Diva provided cool light through the night, while it charged through the day on Solar.

This resulted in increased productivity.

Over 3,000 ECCODiva lamps already distributed.