The primary use of the ECCODIVA is to serve as a Utility & Handy Light. The design of the product allows it to be simply reconfigured to be used in different configurations allowing the user to use the light flexibly and conveniently based upon his multiple uses.

The ECCODIVA also works as a Mobile Charger and its 4 levels of brightness allow optimal lighting for various different uses.

The core of the products from ECCO is the GreenChip, with the first commercial application being the ECCOdiva. The GreenChip enables the creation of highly optimized and energy efficient mechanism of Charging a battery using an un-regulated power source in an efficient manner (by extracting the maximum amount of power without overloading the source) and subsequently using that stored power to drive an electronics load (such as a LED). This being a software driven solution allows us to tightly control and optimize the system behaviour and create customer delight.

To meet the rapidly growing energy demands of developing nations, it is necessary that new and cleaner sources of energy are tapped, and also, demand side is managed through high efficiency loads.

Solar Power, given the abundant availability, makes an attractive source of Power Generation. Combined with High Efficiency Charging Circuits and Energy Efficient loads such as LED, Solar Energy is a viable option to meet the lighting needs.

ECCO offers a series of Patent Pending Solar Charger (MPPT enabled) and LED Drive controllers that can also use other Unregulated DC Power Sources for Battery Charging. The Inbuilt Microcontroller allows for customization of user defined parameters such as dimming control and user interface.

The pretested module allows for reduced design time, faster time to market and also lowers the System Cost compared to discrete implementations.

There are a billion Kerosene lamps that are used daily. They produce less than 10 lux light at a distance of 2ft. (the usable distance). These consume an average of 300mL of Kerosene per day, which is normally subsidized by various Governments for the Below the Poverty Line (BPL) users. They contribute to a large share of carbon and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

ECCO offers a series of Patent Pending Switching Controllers for driving LED based lamps that can use various Unregulated DC power sources for charging the batteries (multiple Chemistries), the commonly used sources being Solar Panels, AC Adaptors and Hand Operated Dynamos.