Product Brief Description

ECCODiva series of products use sunlight that is abundantly available to charge its batteries through a Solar Panel to provide light in night-time and a power backup to charge various portable devices.

 It is a multipurpose solar LED light with zero carbon emission that offers a range of solutions which can be used as a wall light, ceiling light, table lamp and a portable light as well as a power pack to charge cell phones or tablets or any low power consuming device.

Suitable for both urban and rural markets as it’s simple to use and can be instantly re-configured in various forms to enable multiple uses. It is designed so well that it can look great on the table of a CEO and so rugged that workers in fields may use it without fear of breaking it. Solar energy being ubiquitously available, ECCODIVA is a bottom up way to deliver energy to the poor.

Highlights of ECCODIVA

  • Solar Ready
  • Battery back-up of 10 Hours in the highest Brightness mode, and a 250 hour Battery back-up in the Night-Lamp Mode.
  • Faster Charging (Full charge in 4 Hours with Mains Adaptor)
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Micro-Controller based design delivers High Charging Efficiency & LED drive
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for efficient solar charging
  • Over Charge and Deep Discharge Protection
  • High performance Lithium Ion battery
  • Flexi- Charging With both Solar and Mains
  • Power Pack for powering up and charging Mobile Phones, tablets, iPad and other USB devices, Satellite Phones, Wireless Radios, GPS and other devices
  • 4 Brightness Levels
  • Provides a LUX of 800 at a distance of 1 foot in its brightest mode
  • Longer backup time with User Interface for battery health indicator
  • Multiple Charging options
  • Solar Panel Grid electricity (90V-270V AC) Dynamo, Car Charger
  • Home lighting
  • Two international patents filed



ECCODIVA’s electronics is based on a Micro-Controller which gives the user multiple charging options that is Grid based Power supply, Solar Panels and other Human Powered charging sources. The Power controller can take diverse sources of unregulated power (such as Solar PV cell, Cycle dynamo or a mains power adapter) and charge its internal battery very efficiently by adapting the power draw to the capability of the source to deliver power. The stored power is then used to drive the LED in a very efficient manner.

  • Micro Controller based Software controls the Driving and Charging Efficiencies of the light and manages the High power 1Watt LED.
  • The Micro-Controller has a unique feature of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) that allows Solar Charging from Dawn to Dusk, unlike a lot of solar products that need the sun-altitude to be higher for efficient charging.
  • Gives a battery back-up of 10 Hours in the highest Brightness mode, and a 250 hour Battery back-up in the Night-Lamp Mode.
  • Lamp to be charged between 90V to 280V, since in India and many other developing countries Grid based Power supply is un-reliable.
  • ECCODIVA has the ability to be re-programmed using a 3 pin access, to be able to upgrade software to enhance energy-efficiency and also to add new features into the light, which may emerge, based on market feedback – like number of brightness levels, brightness, color of light, etc.
  • It uses Lithium Ion Battery that can withstand high voltage fluctuations and has Smart Battery Indicators for four light levels.










  • Wide DC Input range 9V-24V (Unregulated) for Charger Input.

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking for Optimal usage of Solar Panels
    (both 9V and 18V panels can be used directly).

  • Upto 20 W Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel Module
    (can simultaneously charge upto 5 lamps).

  • Lithium Ion battery 2×3.7 V/ 2200 mAh; 500 Cycles.

  • Battery management with Overcharge protection and Low battery cut off.

  • >85% Charging Efficiency.


  • Cool White 1W (ECCODIVA 118) or 2x3W (ECCODIVA 218) High Power LED.

  • Constant current LED drive for entire operational range of battery.

  • >88% Driver Efficiency.

  • PWM based LED dimming (4 brightness levels).


  • Adaptive Charging Output 5V/ 1500 mA max.


  • Material: Virgin ABS with diffused Polycarbonate Lens.

  • Temperature: Working -10°C to 50°C; Storage -20°C to 60°C.

  • Weight: 500 gm; Size (mm): 100x100x180.


ECCODIVA has a unique design  that fulfills various needs of lighting through its five reconfigurable modes which are:


Torch Mode Illuminating a larger area
with insufficient luminance
Illuminating a wider area
  Light being emitted and
wasted in undesired areas
Directed light on the object/ area of Interest with Higher luminance
Ceiling Mode Area under lantern (main usage area) is dark Light is directed towards desired area
  Low level of light falls in adjoining areas High beam angle of 140º creates an even and soothing ambient light
Reading Mode Area above and below the lamp is in dark An inherently directional light source
  Good light just in areas near the lantern Designed to approximate the broader light distribution
  However rest of the room is dark Ample lighting in rest of the room as well
Wall Mode Area above and below
lantern under dark
Uniquely designed to be wall mounted for effective use of the light source
  Marginally efficient room lighting Lighting a larger part of the room

Lower level of light is on the ground as light  falls on walls, where it is not needed

Light is directed towards desired areas
Portable Mode Poor design. Intensity of
light is low in front
Designed to be used hands free in different scenarios
  Light being emitted on backside where it is not needed Wide light beam with higher luminosity on the front



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