ECCO SHLS - 40 Watt


Product Brief Description


MRP  INR 30000
Charge Controller Unit Microcontroller based  Charge Controller Unit
LED Luminaire 3 Nos LED luminaries
Fan            (DC) 01 No 7W 12 V DC
Television (DC) 14 Inches , 12W 12 V DC
External Battery 12V, 42 AH Battery
Solar Panel 50 Watt
Back Up Hrs. at Full Charged Battery 6 Hours
Other Components Inter-connecting wires / cables,
Switches & Operation Manual
Optional Electrical Charger  On Demand - Extra  Charges
Make Designed and Made by ECCO (India)







For Model-I, sealed maintenance free lead acid battery with a capacity of up to 12 AH, at voltages of up to 12V @ C/20 rate of discharge or NiMH or Lithium Ion battery of requisite capacity.

For Models – II, III , battery should have a minimum rating of 12V, 17 Ah or 12V, 40 Ah at C/20 rate of discharge depending on the Model.


    The light source of white LED type.

    The color temperature of W-LEDs used in the system in the range of 5500oK–6500oK.

    The light output from the W-LED light source is constant throughout the duty cycle.

    Total electronics efficiency > =90%.

    Lighting quality – free from glare and flickering.

    Auto resettable reverse polarity protection shall be provided.


    The system have protection against battery overcharge, deep discharge condition.

    Load reconnect is provided at 80% of the battery capacity status.

    Adequate protection is provided against battery reverse polarity.

    Fuses provided to protect against short circuit conditions.

    Protection for reverse flow of current through the PV module(s) is provided.



Installation Diagram

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