ECCO SHLS - 30 Watt


Product Brief Description

MRP INR 24000
Charge Controller Unit Microcontroller based  Charge Controller Unit
LED Luminaire 3 Nos LED luminaries
3W, 5W & 7W
Fan            (DC) 01 No 7W 12 V DC
Television (DC) Yes 14" 12W LED Color TV  &  (19'' TV optional additional cost of Rs.5000)
External Battery 12V, 26AH Battery
Solar Panel 30 Watt
Back Up Hrs. at Full Charged Battery 6 Hours
Other Components
Inter-connecting wires / cables,
Switches & Operation Manual
Optional Electrical Charger  On Demand - Extra  Charges
Make Designed and Made by ECCO (India)




Being Update..

Being Update..