Light today, is one of the most vital needs for survival after air, water, food and shelter, for self-reliance, empowerment and livelihood. Light, in itself, is a basic requirement for education and income generating activities like handicrafts, pottery, etc, which usually discontinue once it becomes dark, thus, hampering growth opportunities.

The ECCODiva is a multi-purpose light that is designed to cater to a large requirement for electricity, especially for people who have limited or irregular access to other forms of electricity.

ECCO, inspired from “Eco” reflects the convergence of Ecology, Economics and Ecosystem.
Diva is inspired from the “Diya” , a symbol of energy used by Indian families as a tribute to God.

The form of the light has been inspired by the simplicity of a box. The ECCODIVA is a box shape which has a handle carved into it and is made up of 2 separate parts which can be re-configured to perform various functions.

With each element inspired from the Indian Culture, the air-vents also take the form of a “Tilak” – a decoration which adorns Indian Deities on the forehead.
On the other hand the vents reveal the “Brand Identity” of ECCO since they are on the curved edges of the product. The vents are simple perforations that form an air passage and at the same time prevent insects from entering the lamp.

The square form of the product makes it a compact solution for transportation, thereby, contributing to logistic efficiency and thus an energy efficient product. The flat surface of the shape also allows it to be placed on various surfaces depending on the light requirements.

The primary colour of the ECCODiva is “Chorophyll”, which is a vibrant Green, symbolic of a GREEN Product, a GREEN FUTURE and wealth, happiness and prosperity and simultaneously provides an alternative to other neutral colours of Grey, White and Black.

The primary design Idea for the ECCODIVA was to provide a single product solution for the several requirements of light which people need for different uses. We deliberately moved away from the 360 degree conventional lantern design which owes its formal evolution to the inherent limitations of kerosene, wick and wind protection. In The LED, which is the only unidirectional source of light, can be leveraged to direct the light optimally to the area of interest so that a lower power consumption can deliver a better quantum of light. This also allows the design of the light to be looked at completely afresh.

The light source has been designed to provide the most optimal amount of light to suit all functions and the intensity is adjustable in 4 steps – from a night light to a strong source. The wide light beam has been designed to give a uniform spread of light along with a diffractive ‘glass’ that smoothly spreads the light so that the point source LED does not harm the eye.

The Power controller can take diverse sources of unregulated power (such as Solar PV cell, Cycle dynamo or a mains power adapter) and charge its internal battery very efficiently by adapting the power draw to the capability of the source to deliver power. The stored power is then used to drive the LED in a very efficient manner. The technology developed for this allows us to use smaller rating Solar Panels and batteries to reduce the overall product cost and yet deliver a high intensity of light. Besides these functions the ECCODIVA also functions as a mobile charger.