Design morphs into innovation when it starts making business sense.

At Ecco our thoughts on affordability are at the forefront, without compromising in creating the best solutions. Through Design and Technology working in tandem we believe that good solutions/products can be available to all those who seek this opportunity.

ECCO aims to reduce the cost of delivery to customer through innovation in supply chain, looking at new ways to distribute our products, so that the product and after sales service is available closer to their homes and may also provide a regular source of income for our customers and partners. ECCO has a unique Entrepreneurship development program that allows people to become partners in selling and providing maintenance and other such services, this is an inclusive approach which is aimed to be mutually beneficial.

Even on the Design side, there has been a lot of effort put in to ensure that as a viable business the product can withstand several market requirements. The Design of the ECCODIVA allows a large number of variants to be developed in the same Plastic. For instance - the ECCODIVA can have a 1 Watt or a 3 Watt LED using the same Plastics and a minimal change to the electronics, this is made possible because of the connector on the Battery Unit which can be rotated by 90 degrees and re-inserted.

Besides this the B-Surface of the ECCODIVA is designed keeping in mind 3 popularly available batteries which will allow easy servicing and maintenance, and it also allows different product variants to be available for different requirements.

The Micro Controller based design also lends the product strength in the market since software upgrades can be provided and also upgraded with newer features without much effort. The Idea behind providing flexibility during Manufacturing & Assembly translates into great value for ECCO as a business since it can cater to more varied markets right from Urban to Rural. This provides a competitive edge and also translates into Market Agility.