We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~ Sir Albert Einstein

Today more than ever before we need to be concerned about "our world"; a world plagued by an environmental emergency characterized by pollution, waste and uneven distribution of opportunity.

We need to rapidly move towards building a more responsible and sustainable future. Value is no longer measured in terms of just beauty, experience and function - but also how it affects the lives of the consumer. The problems of today are a result of the myopic approach we have followed towards consumption and immediate gratification, and a general ignorance of the limitations of the processes and techniques we use to develop products and services. This clearly suggests a radical and perhaps even disruptive approach. An approach where we don't use the same way of thinking that has landed us in this situation.

The future is coming towards us from many directions. Ecco is focused on developing more environmentally benign products. IT IS TIME TO SEE THINGS IN A NEW LIGHT...ECCO is an endeavour to solve some of the world's most challenging problems.

We apply Innovative Design & Technology as a framework of change. Our approach involves understanding individual consumer needs and addressing them through simple products, that are designed keeping in mind the implications at a global level.

ECCODiva is our first step towards the path of inclusive "Ideas for our World".